Windows can shape your outlook in more ways than one. From the way the light gathers at dawn to the flow of air during a hot summer, every element should complement your lifestyle. Let us introduce our two signature styles, AURA and FORMA. Both are available with double and triple glazing. The PLUS models feature timber frames with aluminium cladding, which opens up a new range of possibilities.

Rationel AURA and AURAPLUS

AURA personifies clean lines. The sleek, flat frame gives your window a flush finish for a truly modern, Scandinavian feel. This is our most popular profile, especially for a stand-out “grand design”. Optional glazing bars can increase the architectural elegance of this style. Made from sustainably sourced timber, your windows and doors will last for decades if looked after.

Choose AURAPLUS and we add aluminium cladding to the timber, which means maintenance becomes minimal and life expectancy rises by another 20+ years. The cladding comes in hundreds of colours and gives you the flexibility to have one colour inside your home and another on the outside. It can make a real impact and adds the durability to deal with the harshest of weather.


Designed to complement traditional British architecture, FORMA brings a softer line to your windows and ensures your project blends with its environment. Beautifully styled in sustainable timber that will last for decades, the bevelled edges bring a homely feel. The colour palette is extensive, with the most popular choices shown on page 27; you’ll be choosing the same colour inside and out.

Make it FORMAPLUS and the aluminium cladding gives you the option of another colour for the outside of your home – however, it’s unlikely you’ll want to cover up this beautiful styling. The cladded frame requires minimal maintenance and is extremely durable in all weather conditions. All styles are available with glazing bars, which particularly suit this style of window.


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