Generous living space in open-plan rooms

For more than 35 years, Solarlux has stood for the outstanding quality of versatile glazing solutions for public and private spaces. The bi-folding door has been the beating heart of the international, family-owned company right from the very beginning. Unlike traditional sliding doors, which can leave a large section of the opening covered by glass even when fully open, the individual elements of the bi-folding door gather up into a slender bundle of panels to one side. This produces generous glass fronts that can be opened across almost 100 % while still offering maximum protection when closed.


The possibilities offered by a bi-folding door are almost limitless. It can be used as a substructure element for a glass extension that can to be almost entirely opened; employed as an entrance to a pool; or used as an alternative to a traditional patio door or window. Also suitable for public spaces, of course! Use it for your shop entrance, glaze the VIP box in your stadium, or create a facade on your balustrade – whatever you’re building, make the bi-folding door your first choice.

Maximum Creative Freedom

Inwards or outwards, folding to the left and/or to the right – Solarlux bi-folding doors offer countless opening system possibilities. The individual glass elements can be opened or closed in just a few simple steps, whilst incorporating tilt-and-turn panels and window elements can help you enjoy even more creative freedom.

The Advantages Of The Bi-folding Door – An Overview

  • Maximum Opening And Slim Sight Lines
    The most important feature of the bi-folding door is its accordion-like folding technique, which allows it to be opened almost 100%. When closed, it boasts incredibly slim sight lines of just 99 mm across the panel joint.
  • Security And Anti-burglary Protection
    Bi-folding doors are high-quality and extremely sturdy. They fulfil the requirements of the standard European anti-burglary protection class RC2.
  • Thermal And Sound Insulation
    A bi-folding door guarantees optimum thermal insulation and depending on the system and packages, can also be used for passive houses. The soundproofing certification that
    can be achieved with these elements guarantee a quiet living space, even in bustling built up areas.
  • Accessibility And Convenience
    Bi-folding doors are extremely convenient, with accessible floor tracks available suitable for living spaces with durable stainless steel carriages and rollers.

What Solarlux Offers

  • In-depth consultation and planning
  • Patented technical details
  • Durability and high quality
  • Made in Germany
  • Systems certified by national and international institutes
  • Filigree sight lines of 99 mm
  • Maximum transparency and flexibility
  • Sophisticated technical design and assembly
  • Compliance with all applicable standards and specifications

Learn more about Solarlux doors here.

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